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Ada Göre Sırala İncelenme Sayısı Eklenme Tarihi

Volume Flow: 100 - 100,000m3/h                   
Pressure: 0 - 3500Pa                   
 - Low and average pressure ventilators                   
 - Different drives can be produced                    
(direct drive, belt drive, coupling drive, etc.)                   
 - Backward curved blades                   
Used for: Polypropylene fans developed especially for use in corrosive gases, humid and                    
polluted air, alkali gases and environments where corrosive smoke exist.  These type of                    
polypropylene fans offer a realistic alternative to stainless steel and nickel alloy steel.                     
Please contact us for more details.   

Exproof ventilators (where flammable and explosive materials used) are within our firm’s area of specialization. Customized designs can be produced depending on your project’s demands.








Please contact us for our scrubber units.


Volume Flow : 750 - 150,000 m3 / h
Pressure : 10 - 250 daPa
These units are produced in accordance with place of usage and demand. Forward curved or backward curved blades and heat / noise insulation can be used according to demand :
- Aspirator (suction) unit
- Mixer unit
- Filter unit
- Exhaust unit
- First cooler unit
- First heater unit
- Humidifier unit
- Cooler unit
- Heater unit
- Ventilator unit
Used for : Ventilating, heating, cooling in industry (textile, chemical, medicine, etc.) and comfort facilities (movie theaters, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, schools, office etc.).



Volume   : 50 - 18000 m3 / h  


Pressure : 0 - 1150 daPa


-    Direct coupled motor

Backward curved blades

Location and ease of mounting


Place of Use :  Air aspiration, the main fans with channels to help.





















Various capacities and specialty ventilators can be produced for special demand. These ventilators can be produced by using different materials such as radial ventilators steel alloy, stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, plastic, rubber, epoxy covering and etc.


Customized single or group cyclones, mechanic filters and jet pulse filters which are suitable for any kind of material can be produced depending on your project’s demands.

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